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Teenager Left Unable To Read Or Write Due To Whiplash

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Road Traffic Accidents Whiplash Injuries 

A teenager lost his ability to read and write following an accident which saw him seriously suffer from whiplash.

Scientists were marvelled at the extent of the injuries sustained by the teen citing that such symptoms had never been seen before as a result of whiplash. Indeed, scientists believed that it was the only case in the world of a loss of basic skills through whiplash. 

The 19-year-old was forced to be taught how to read and write again but has since found himself back at university.

Road Traffic Accident

Following the road traffic accident the teen revealed that text and words on the TV appeared liked “alien symbols”. Following the incident, the teenager found that he was illiterate and unable to read and write.

A brain scan revealed that the youngster had grown an 8mm cyst on part of the brain linked to memory recall, which led to him losing the ability to read and write. Brain doctor Dr Lynne Barker said:

“It’s extremely rare for someone to completely lose the ability to read and write at the same time.

“It’s normally one or the other, or partial loss of both, and usually only follows serious brain injury. In this case, the patient had sustained minor injuries but there was no pathology to the brain.

“It seems the accident caused the cyst to grow, causing him to lose the ability to read and write very rapidly after the accident.”

Whiplash Injuries

As mentioned above, the symptoms seen in the accident have never been seen before, however, despite whiplash often getting a negative press, it is a rather serious injury. Whiplash can cause concussion, brain damage and even memory loss if it is a serious case. Even a minor case of whiplash can result in severe pain and difficulty sleeping for victims. 

Whiplash can take weeks to recover from and lead to severe discomfort for patients. It is caused by the spraining or bruising of ligaments in the neck, often by jerking, uncontrolled movements. While whiplash can occur in also any accident, it is most common in road traffic collisions, especially front to bumper collisions. Symptoms can take up to 12 hours to develop, however, such an accident can cause pain and mental damage.

Fraudulently Claimed

Whiplash is sadly one of the most common injuries to be fraudulently claimed for. According to Aviva, the number of whiplash claims is nearing their record level, with the number soaring in the last year.

We believe that if you are the victim of whiplash you have the right to make a claim. If you have suffered as a result of someone’s negligence, regardless of the stigma attached, you should hold the person to account. If you have been unable to work, or have been unable to perform in your job due to severe pain and lack of sleep, can you really afford to not make a claim?

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