Head Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

A head injury, or damage directly to the brain are the most serious of all injuries. Such injuries can be devastating for the person affected and their loved ones. Brain and head injuries will often result in a dramatic change of lifestyle. In the most catastrophic cases an injury to the head or brain can result in tetraplegia, paraplegia or severe brain damage that can necessitate long term professional care.

Other brain injuries can affect a person’s ability to function at the level they did prior to the accident by affecting their speech, intellect and increasing the likelihood of epilepsy. If you’ve had any type of brain or head injury, contact our solicitors now on 01418 465 957 to claim compensation.

How are Head Injury Compensation Amounts Calculated?

The figures listed below have been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in PI Cases 13th ed. These also known as the “JSB Guidelines” and are designed to give the reader an idea of how much compensation may be expected in a personal injury case. The figures are very much intended as a guideline as every case will take a range of factors, such as severity of the injury, length of recovery, long-term prognosis, loss of earnings and more, into account.

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Paralysis Compensation Levels

  1. Tetraplegia/ quadriplegia £246,750 – £307,000
  2. Paraplegia £166,500 – £216,000

Brain Damage Compensation Amounts:

Severe Brain Damage Awards:

  1. Very severe brain damage £214,350 – £307,000 – In these cases there may be some ability to follow basic commands. There will be little, if any, evidence of meaningful response to environment.
  2. Moderately severe brain damage £166,500 – £214, 350 –There will be substantial dependence on others and a need for constant professional care.

Moderate Brain Damage Compensation:

  1. £114,100 – £166,500 Moderate or severe reduction in intellect, a change in the persons personality, an effect on sight, speech, senses and with significant risk of epilepsy and no prospect of employment.
  2. £69,000 – £114,100 Moderate or modest reduction in intellect, the sufferer’s ability to work is greatly reduced or removed and there is some risk of epilepsy.
  3. £32,725 – £69,000 Negative effect on memory and concentration, the sufferer’s ability to work is reduced, small risk of epilepsy and very limited dependence on others.
  4. Less severe brain damage £11,650 – £32,700 In cases where there has been good recovery and the injured is able to take part in normal social life and return to work. There may be persisting problems such as poor concentration or memory.
  5. Minor brain or head injury £1,675 – £9,700

Epilepsy Compensation Damages

  1. Established grand mal £77,500 – £114,100
  2. Established petit mal £41,675 – £100,000
  3. Other epiletpic conditions £8,100 – £20,000

PTSD Compensation Claims

  1. Severe £45,500 – £76,500 Such cases will prevent the person from working at all or at least from functioning anywhere near pre-accident level.
  2. Moderately severe £17,600 – £45,500 In these cases there will be some recovery with professional help.
  3. Moderate £6,225 – £17,600 The injured person will have largely recovered.
  4. Less severe £3,000 – £6,225 In these cases there will be virtually full recovery within one – two years and only minimum symptoms persist over longer period.

Psychiatric and Psychological Damage Claims

  1. Severe damage £41,675 – £88,000
  2. Moderately severe £14,500 – £41,675 Work related stress resulting in long term permanent disability comes into this bracket.
  3. Moderate £4,450 – £14,500
  4. Less severe £1,170 – £4,450

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