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On the surface an office may appear to be a relatively low risk environment when compared to some other workplaces, like construction sites. However, each year a significant number of claims are sought by people who have been injured in the office.

No matter where you work your employer has a duty to provide you with a safe working environment and your employer should act to help prevent accidents occurring in the workplace. If you have suffered an accident in your office that wasn’t your fault, contact our specialist personal injury solicitors today on 01418 465 957 to make a no win, no fee* compensation claim.

Falls in the Office

A very common office injury is a fall or trip over things like boxes or packaging that have been left unattended. Workers can trip over electrical cables and accidents can be caused by uneven flooring or broken floor tiles. The office should be regularly risk assessed to ensure that any dangers can be addressed. Files, stock or books may be stored at height in a filing room or storage area and employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers have been trained to safely use this equipment. Ladders must be in good working order and employees should be trained how to use them safely. It is not acceptable for workers to use makeshift equipment such as tables, chairs or shelving units to reach items.

Manual Handling in the Office

Office workers are sometime required to do heavy lifting. This could be stock that needs to be moved, files or office supplies. Workers must be provided with training on how to safely lift without injuring themselves or others.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Claims

The nature of office work sees many office workers sitting for long periods of time in the same position. For some employees their job will involve repeating the same movements again and again all day. This can result in Repetitive Strain Injury. Employers must take steps to protect their workers from these injuries. The main forms of RSI are:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – this painful condition affect the hand and fingers and can be caused by continued repetitive movements such as typing.

Trigger Finger – this condition causes the tendon of the finger to swell and can make it difficult to bend or straighten the finger.

De Quervain’s Syndrome – this syndrome causes pain, tenderness and swelling of the thumb and can make it difficult to grip.

Tennis Elbow – this condition causes the tendons of the elbow to inflame. This can be caused by the repetitive use of the forearm muscles.

What Should I do if I am Injured in the Office?

If you are injured in an office accident you should report the incident to your employer. Each workplace should have a system for reporting and recording accidents. Your employer has a duty of care for all employees and must take steps to ensure the office is regularly risk assessed. Your employer may ask you to attend a medical appointment to establish the extent of your injuries. You give the doctor a full account of the injuries you received as this can be an important factor in establishing how much compensation you will be able to claim. It is important to remember that you can only make a claim for an injury you have suffered in the past three years.

How Much Will I be Able to Claim for a Workplace Accident?

The amount you may be able to claim will depend upon several factors, including:

  • The severity of the injury you received.
  • The preventative steps taken by your employer to avoid a workplace accident.
  • The culpability of the injured party. The amount you are able to claim may be affected by whether you followed the training you were given or whether you used equipment in the appropriate manner.
  • Every claim will depend on the particular circumstances of the case so contact us today to find out how much you could be due.

You can read about how much compensation you may be able to claim here.

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