Hip Pelvis Injury – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

A pelvis or hip injury can seriously impede a person’s mobility and in the most extreme cases can make walking or standing impossible. These injuries can affect the organs and joints that surround the hip and pelvis. Loss of continence or sexual function can have a devastating impact upon the sufferer’s life. If you’ve suffered a hip injury, contact our solicitors on 01418 465 957 to get a no win, no fee* compensation estimate.

What are the Most Common Causes of Hip Injury?

Injuries to the hip and pelvis are most commonly caused by a slip, trip or fall. Road traffic accidents are another leading cause of these injuries.

How Is Compensation For Hip Injuries Calculated?

The level of compensation that you are able to claim will vary according to the circumstances of the accident. Factors that can be taken into consideration include, the severity of the hip or pelvis injury, any disability that is caused and the impact the injury has upon the person’s ability to work and take part in a social life.

The figures listed here from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases 13th ed. give a guide to how much compensation might be awarded for a particular injury. This information is normally used by lawyers to estimate how much their client may be due. These guidelines only cover the pain and suffering aspect of a compensation award. In many cases it is possible to claim for things such as any mental anguish that has been experienced as a result of the injury or time that has had to be taken off work. The precise circumstances of each personal injury case are different so please contact our expert solicitors for a clearer picture of what you may be able to claim.

Hip Injury Compensation Awards

Severe Hip and Pelvis Injury Compensation

  1. £59,600 – £99,500 Cases that fall within this bracket may involve dislocation of a low back joint and a ruptured bladder, or a hip injury with intolerable pain and the necessity of a spinal fusion. There may also be disabilities such as lack of bladder and bowel control with sexual dysfunction.
  2. £47,050 – £59,600 Cases falling within this compensation bracket are only a little less severe than above but with distinguishing features to lift above the moderate brackets.
  3. £29,800 – £39,900 Less severe cases.

Moderate Hip and Pelvis Injuries Damages

  1. £20,200 – £29,800 When there is significant injury but any permanent disability is not major and no great future risk.
  2. £9,575 – £20,200 These cases may involve hip replacement or other surgery. Bracket includes where hip replacement may be necessary in the future.

Less Serious Hip or Pelvis Injury Awards

  1. £3,000 – £9,575 Significant injury but little or no residual disability.
  2. Up to £3,000 Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery.

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