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Cycling Charity Calls for more 20mph Speed Zones in Glasgow

Posted in: Bicycle Accidents Road Traffic Accidents 

A Glasgow-based cycling charity has called for strict analysis of cyclist accident locations to properly protect cyclists in the city.

CTC Glasgow has urged the Council to make 20mph speed limits the standard speed limit in many areas of Greater Glasgow. The organisation has also called for the Council to pay particular attention to arterial roads and roundabouts that are shown to have significantly higher than average numbers of cyclist and pedestrian casualties.

By having an in-depth analysis of where accidents occur, the charity believes that more road traffic accidents could be prevented. While the city centre of Glasgow is expected to introduce 20mph zones in the near future, it is hoped that the success of such a policy could lead to a reduction in the number of cycling accidents.

Cycling Accidents Glasgow: Making a Personal Injury Claim

Roundabouts on dual carriageways were the most common locations in Glasgow to have a cycling accident, with Auldhouse roundabout being the most likely spot for a collision for a cyclist.

If you have been injured when cycling and the injury occurred through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim. It is likely that if you are in a collision and are a vulnerable road user, you will have sustained an injury. While you can claim compensation for your injury, it is also possible to claim for any damage to property, rehabilitation costs and damages for loss of earnings.

To make a personal injury claim, it is vital that you have as much evidence as possible; however, our team of experts will inform you of exactly what is required when you begin your claim.

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