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If you have been injured in a public transport accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation from the person or organisation responsible for the accident. Injuries sustained in public transport accidents can range from mild bruising, whiplash and breaks and sprains right up to the most serious injuries such as head and brain injuries, spinal injuries and even fatalities.

Regardless of the severity of your injury, our specialist public transport accident lawyers can help. We understand how much of an impact your accident may have had on your life, that’s why we will work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. To find out how we can help, contact us today on 01418 465 957 for no win, no fee* compensation claims.

What Causes Accidents on Public Modes of Transport?

Public transport injury claims are made under UK personal injury law. There are many ways in which you could suffer a personal injury on public transport. Examples include:

This list is not exhaustive, and regardless of how your accident occurred you may be able to claim compensation where your injury was caused by someone else’s actions. You may be able to claim compensation where you were injured on a bus, coach, train cruise ship, ferry or aircraft. You will be able to claim compensation where the accident was not your fault. This situation may arise for a number of reasons including:

  • Driver error
  • Defective machinery or equipment
  • Staff negligence

If you were injured as a result of any of these factors, or for another reason, you will be able to make your compensation claim against the carrier. This will be the plane, bus, ferry or train operator or a tour operator if you booked as part of a tour. You can make a claim regardless of whether you were injured in the UK or while on holiday abroad.

How Do I Make a Public Transport Accident Claim?

Personal injury claims in the UK follow a set process. An important part of this process can show that another’s actions caused you injury where you were reasonably entitled to expect you would not be injured.

The claims process involves demonstrating two things; that the carrier owed you what is known as ‘a duty of care’ and also that this duty of care was breached.

Demonstrating that the carrier owed you a duty of care where you have been involved in a public transport accident will mean showing that you were entitled to expect you would not be injured while using the mode of public transport. Those responsible for operating public transport are under an obligation to perform their duties with the skill and care expected of someone in their position. This means they should not do anything that would cause their passengers to suffer an injury.

However, demonstrating that this duty has been breached is more complicated. It must be established that the person you are making your claim against acted negligently. tHis requires a detailed account of the accident and evidence to support your account of the facts. Evidence commonly used to support public  transport accident claims includes:

  • Photographs of the accident
  • Photographs of injuries you suffered
  • Statements of witnesses to the accident
  • Details of symptoms of your injury

If negligence is successfully established, it is then to be negotiated or determined by a court how much compensation you should be awarded. Most personal injury claims do not proceed to court, and thus, it is the role of your solicitor to negotiate a suitable claim on your behalf. Our solicitors have years of experience in dealing with public transport accident claims and so understand all the ways in which you should be compensated. Your solicitor will be able to advise you of the numerous ways you may have suffered loss as a result of your injury, ways you may never even have thought of. We only select the best team members, not just in terms of expertise but also because of their dedication to results and customer service.

You may also find it helpful to view our compensation calculator which gives details on back injuries, brain injuries, leg injuries and shoulder injuries.

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