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Campaigners Warn new 20mph Zone in Glasgow Could Increase Fatalities

Posted in: Road Traffic Accidents 

Former police officers and some road traffic campaigners have warned that a new 20mph zone in Glasgow could lead to an increased number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians and children.

The 20mph zone was introduced in some areas of Glasgow city centre earlier this year and was praised by road traffic campaigners and safety officials. However, a group has criticised the new speed limit, stating that fatalities may occur due to the lower speed limit. The criticism comes after some safety campaigners said that children would be dragged under the vehicle if the car was travelling at 20mph, rather than being thrown onto the bonnet or the ground.

The criticism of the new 20mph policy was down to the fact that at lower speeds pedestrians and others struck by vehicles are pushed under the vehicle.

20mph Zones “Safer for all.”

Despite the criticism of the new 20mph zone, safety officers and Glasgow City Council insisted that the new speed limit was beneficial to all and could prevent many road traffic accidents. RoSPA head of road safety Kevin Clinton said:

“The point of 20mph speed limits is they reduce the risk of children being hit by a car in the first place. If any impacts do occur, they have less severe consequences.

“Pedestrians following the Green Cross Code and reduced speed limits are important to protect road users.”

Glasgow City Council said speed surveys will be carried out to assess the impact of the changes, and they denied the ineffectiveness of 20mph zones. In a statement, they said:

“No research, as far as we are aware, has ever concluded that a child is more likely to go under a vehicle if it’s being driven more slowly.”

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