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The Most Common Office Injuries: Reasons to be Careful in Your Workplace

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A number of personal injury claims following accidents in the workplace come from high-risk areas of employment, such as the construction industry or agriculture. However, while many do not believe that accidents are common in an office, there are many hazards in an office that can result in serious injury.

Despite many initiatives to try and reduce the number of workplace accidents, there is still a substantial risk to employees who work in an office environment.

Common Accidents in Office Environments

When it comes to accidents in the office workspace, slips, trips, and falls are without a doubt the most common. A slip, trip, or fall often occurs as a result of negligence or the fault of another person. Accidents can occur through someone failing to clean up a spill, not moving a hazard out of the way, or leaving a wet floor with no warning. Computer and laptop leads or printer wires are also an exceptionally common cause of office accidents. 

Another common type of accident is shocks and burns with electrical goods often causing accidents if they are poorly maintained or wet. Falling objects can also result in serious injury and are common in the modern day workplace with many offices attached to a warehouse. Poor office design and lack of storage can result in some objects placed in dangerous storage spaces. Such accidents often lead to serious head injury or neck injuries.

I’ve Been Involved in an Accident in the Workplace: Now What?

If you have been involved in an accident and are in discomfort as a result of the injuries sustained, it is vital that you seek medical assistance. Not only will this give you peace of mind by ensuring that all of your injuries are being monitored, but it will also ensure that you have obtained treatment and been given advice that will help you recover as quickly as possible. 

Following your accident, it is important to assess how the incident occurred. If your injuries were sustained through no fault of your own, then you may be able to get compensation for an accident at work.

Making a Personal Injury Claim: What is Needed to Make a Claim?

If you sustained injuries as a result of a failure in an employer’s duty of care or negligence, you could make a personal injury claim. However, while some believe that making a personal injury claim is a simple open-and-shut case, such a claim can often be a complex. Therefore, it is important that when you make a claim, you have as much evidence as possible to support your claim. 

If you are seen by a medical professional, you may be given a medical report. Such a report can come in particularly useful when enlisting the help of a solicitor as it can verify the full extent of your injuries and also provide information such as your expected recovery time. 

As well as medical reports, to make a personal injury claim we may require photographic evidence, witness statements and a report of the accidents (if it is noted in the Accident Report book.) As well as this, our team of solicitors will require basic details about the incident such as where, when and how the accident occurred.

When Can I Make a Claim? 

In the UK, there is a standard limit of three years in which a personal injury claim for compensation must be made. If legal proceedings are not started in court within three years of the accident taking place, then you will be unable to make a personal injury claim.

How Much Could My Claim be Worth?

No accident or injury is the same, thus, it is difficult to give an exact estimate of what your personal injury claim could be worth. However, our team of experts will be able to give you a rough estimate of what compensation you could be entitled to based on their previous experience and your circumstances. 

Making a Workplace Accident Claim Following an Office Injury

If you have been injured in a workplace accident as a result of negligence or a failure of duty of care, our team of personal injury solicitors can help you get the compensation and closure you deserve.

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