Accidents Involving Pedestrians in Glasgow

Pedestrians account for a significant percentage of the people who are injured on UK roads each year. Recent data from the Office for National Statistics have shown that in 2013, 398 pedestrians were killed as a result of a road traffic accident. In 2012, almost a quarter of road fatalities involved a pedestrian.

Research has also found that the severity of injury increases with road speeds. When the speed limit is 60 mph or above, 43% of pedestrian accidents result in serious injuries or fatalities. The proportion is 40% for roads with a speed limit of 40 mph, 25% for roads with a speed limit of 30 mph and 18% for roads with a speed limit of 20 mph or less.

As would be expected, most road accidents occur when the roads are at their busiest in the morning and evening rush hour. Pedestrians are also at a much higher risk of being injured when it is dark. This results in a higher rate of pedestrian accidents in the winter months.

Pedestrians can be injured whilst crossing the road, using traffic lights or by a car or bus that mounts the pavement.

The injuries caused to a pedestrian can be catastrophic. The impact of the car can cause severe head injuries and bone breakages. In some of the most serious car accidents, spinal and neck injuries can lead to paralysis.

If a driver’s negligence caused your injuries, you might be able to make a claim against them.

How Do I Make a Claim as a Pedestrian?

To make a claim against the driver, you will need to be able to prove that they behaved negligently. This negligence could be demonstrated by:

  • The driver driving too fast
  • The driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The driver ignoring road signs, traffic lights or zebra crossings
  • The driver driving in a reckless manner
  • The driver failed to adapt to the driving conditions, such as snow, fog or ice on the roads.

In addition to demonstrating that the driver’s behaved in a negligent manner, you also need to show that this negligence resulted in your injuries.

How Much Compensation Can be Claimed?

Compensation awards for pedestrian injuries vary widely from case to case. In general, the more severe the injuries, the higher the compensation payout will be.

Catastrophic injuries such as paraplegia or quadriplegia can be awarded compensation in the region of £112,750. 24 hour personal care may be necessary and there may be little or no mobility. Compensation could also be claimed for the impact that such an injury has upon the sufferer’s work and social lives. There can be compensation for loss of earning as well as the psychological implications of the accident.

When calculating the compensation, many other factors could be considered. This could include the length of time that was taken to recover from the injury, the levels of pain that were experienced due to the accident and the extent of any surgery that was necessary for recovery.

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