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Carer Wins Landmark Case After Slipping on Ice Getting to Work

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A landmark case has seen the Supreme Court upheld a personal injury claim after a care worker was injured when she slipped on ice on her way to the home of a terminally ill woman.

The ruling could have a severe impact on employers, as the case involved a woman obtaining an injury when on her way to work. Miss Kennedy seriously injured her wrist after a slip on icy conditions, with the Supreme Court ruling that her company, Cordia, was duty-bound to provide equipment to staff if they could not control the risk of slipping on ice.

The employers of Miss Kennedy had carried out a risk assessment and identified the risk of slips or falls as “tolerable.” According to the most recent risk assessment, the company had not considered the risk of injury in inclement weather with no mention of providing staff with protective equipment, such as non-slip attachments for footwear.

According to the Supreme Court, Miss Kennedy was injured as a result of being exposed to a risk against which she should have been protected by the provision of personal protective equipment, and her employers should have adequately dealt with the dangers.

The case, which is seen by many as a landmark case, highlights the importance of risk assessment and could be exceptionally beneficial to employees who believe that their employers are not taking the necessary steps to protect them either on their way to work or when working.

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