Shoulder Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

Shoulder injuries are seriously debilitating for those affected. Such injuries can be caused by accidents at work, tripping and falling awkwardly or even car accidents. An injury to the shoulder could prevent the sufferer from returning to the work they did before they were injured. There may be difficulties taking part in a social life and significant adjustment may have to be made to the sufferer’s life. If you’ve experienced a shoulder injury, contact our solicitors for no win, no fee claims advice on 01418 465 957 today.

How is Compensation for a Shoulder Injuries Calculated?

The amount that can be claimed for an shoulder injury will vary for each case. In more serious cases, an injured person may need extensive surgery and may never fully recover. The level of compensation will also be determined by factors such as the level of pain experienced and whether the functioning of other body parts has also been affected.

The figures below have been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in PI Cases 13th ed. These guidelines are designed to give legal professionals an idea of how much compensation may be expected for a particular injury. It is very much a guide, and every case is different, so please contact us for a more accurate prediction of how much compensation may be due.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Amounts

  1. Severe £14,600 – £36,500. This compensation bracket is often associated with neck injury and damage to brachial plexus.
  2. Serious £9,700 – £14,600. In cases where there is a dislocation of the shoulder and damage to lower part of brachial plexus causing pain in neck.
  3. Moderate £6,000 – £9,700. Frozen shoulder for about 2 years.
  4. Minor Soft tissue injury with considerable pain but almost complete recovery:
    1. £3,300 – £6,000 In less than 2 years
    2. £1,860 – £3,300 Within a year
    3. A Few hundred to £1,860 Within 3 months
  5. Fracture of clavicle £3,900 – £9,300. Compensation award depends on severity, level of disability and whether injury is permanent.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Lawyers Glasgow

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