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The aftermath of a serious injury or incident is inevitably a stressful time – not just for you as the victim but also for your friends and families who like you may not know where to turn next and will feel powerless to help. The first thing you must take on board is that you, and those people both nearest and dearest to you, are not alone.

A large part of any recovery on the road to regaining your peace of mind, inevitably starts with making a series of important decisions around how you intend to fight back.

Our Glasgow based personal injury claim soliciotrs will help you discover exactly how you should seek redress for the physical, financial and emotional losses you have incurred and we will also advise you as to what sort of outcomes you can expect if you chose to go down the road of pursuing compensation through an injury claim.

The good news is that, at every turn, our entire approach is aimed at removing the stress from making compensation claims for our clients. Our legal team are highly experienced in all areas of personal injury, including:

What Will Happen During The Personal Injury Claim Process?

We never forget how important it is to give our clients very clear guidance from the outset as to how exactly their claim is likely to proceed. Our experience allows us to give very clear information which we find greatly comforts our clients and prepares them for exactly what lies in store.

Start the process today by getting in touch with our friendly legal team. We can advise you if you have a case and how we will get the process started.

What Is No Win, No Fee?

Under a no win, no fee* arrangement you do not need to pay any legal fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim. This means that in the event that you are not paid any compensation, the solicitor will not receive a fee for the services that they have carried out. However, if you are awarded compensation as a result of your claim arising out of any injury suffered, the solicitor will be entitled to a fee plus a success fee. This success fee is calculated by looking at the risk involved in the particular case. For this reason, you may well be asked for a lot of information about your potential claim. Such information will include specifics of the injury, information about any medical reports, a discussion on any witnesses and a detailed discussion about who was to blame.

What Can You Make A Personal Injury Claim For?

In terms of what can be claimed for, the main aspects of any claim (known to lawyers as the heads of claim) focus on pain and suffering, loss of earnings and future loss of earnings. You can also claim against expenses incurred by you resulting from the injury (such as having to obtain a hire car, damage to items of property, nursing costs or service costs where you are looked after by a family member, care costs including costs incurred hiring companies to do jobs for you that you would normally have undertaken yourself but can no longer do because of your injury).

Will You Need To Go To Court?

It is rare that evidence requires to be heard by a court in relation to a personal injury claim. If a court hearing with evidence were to be required we are both greatly experienced and fully prepared for such an eventuality and we will make sure you are fully prepared too. However, often as insurance companies are involved, it is routinely the case that settlement is agreed without there ever requiring to be any form of hearing or formal evidence given by the victim of an injury in a court setting.

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