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Cycling is an increasingly popular past time and method of travelling to work in Scotland. There have been various government initiatives to encourage people to cycle to work and school, and the phenomenal success of British cyclists such as Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy has led to many people trying out the sport. However, the potential for being involved in a cycling accident is still a risk, despite all the health and environmental benefits.

The increased number of cyclists has naturally resulted in a higher rate of cyclist accidents over the past few years. Recent statistics from Transport Scotland have revealed that in 2014, 8 cyclists were killed on Scotland’s roads. 888 cyclists reported that they had been involved in an accident.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Cycling Accident

If you have been injured in a cycling accident that was not your fault in the past three years, you might be able to make a claim against the person responsible. There are various measures you can take to increase the likelihood of your claim being successful.

If there were any witnesses to the incident, you should make sure that a note is made of their full name, address and contact details. You should report the accident to the police as soon as possible.

Photographic evidence can be crucial to support your claim. You should try to take a photograph of anything that contributed to your accident. For example, this could be a pothole on the road. You may wish to do take photographs as soon as you can, in case the damage is repaired before you get the opportunity to do so.

How to Make a Claim for a Bicycle Accident

To make a claim for your accident you need to need to be able to prove that the person owed a duty of care that they negligently failed to meet. An example of this would be a driver who failed to show the adequate duty of care to other road users by driving too fast, not checking for cyclists or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How Much Can be Claimed for a cycling Accident?

Many factors will affect how much you can claim for a cycling injury. The most crucial factor determining how much compensation may be awarded is the severity of the injury. Bike accidents can be catastrophic. In a particularly serious incident, there can be severe head injuries leading to brain damage. Neck and spine injuries can cause paralysis. Even more minor injuries such as broken bones, cuts and lacerations can be extremely painful and can make everyday life difficult, even if only for a short period. If an operation or extensive medical treatment is required, the award may be higher.

You may also be able to make a wage loss claim if you had to miss work because of your injuries. Serious injuries can even cause some people to have to give up working entirely, and this could be reflected in the compensation amount.

How Our Glasgow Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help You

Our lawyers are are highly experienced in handling cycling accident claims, and we do all we can to secure maximum compensation for you. We offer no win no fee* services which means you do not have to worry about the costs of making a claim.

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We have vast experience in handling all types of road accident injury claims including the following:

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