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Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere and are among the most common types of claims in the UK. Thankfully, the injuries received from a fall are usually minimal. However, the worst cases can involve severe injuries such as back injuries, hip injuries, broken bones, paralysis or brain damage. If you suffered a slip, trip and fall as a result of the negligence of your employer, a supermarket or local council, you might be able to make a claim against them for damages. Contact our solicitors today on 01418 465 957 to find out how much your compensation claim could be worth.

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Falls in the Workplace

Falls in an office environment are often caused by a trip over untidy electrical wires, packaging debris or spilt liquids not that were not attended to. Office workers may have to climb up high to retrieve files or stock and a fall from height could result in serious injury. If employees are expected to work at height, like in construction, they must be provided with the proper equipment and training to do so. Ladders or step-ladders must be maintained and in good working order. Expecting an employee to reach items at height by using makeshift equipment such as a table, desk or shelving unit is not acceptable and could find the employer liable for any injuries caused.

Industrial workplaces pose further hazards to employees. In a workplace such as an oil rig, there is a very high standard of care expected of employers. The rain, ice and winds make the surfaces of an oil rig particularly dangerous. Chemical spills can cause a worker to trip and fall. Employers must take reasonable steps to prevent such accidents occurring.

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Slip, Trip and Fall in a Public Place

If you are injured in a public place such as a park, playground, pavement or road, you may be able to make a claim against the council’s Public Liability Insurance. You would need to prove that your injury had been caused by the negligence of the Council. Examples of this include a failing to remove a build-up of slippery leaves and mud from a pavement or to repair potholes on a road.

Slips, Trips & Falls in supermarkets, shops and shopping centres

Supermarket Slips and Trips

Recent times have seen an increase in claims made by supermarkets and stores. A slip, trip and fall in a shop can be caused by packaging debris being left in the aisles, stock such as a jar of pasta sauce smashing or clothing stock being left on the floor. If retailers fail to take steps to prevent these accidents from happening, a personal injury claim could be made against them.

Before Making a Slip, Trip and Fall Injury Claim

You should have your injuries attended to by a doctor. The doctor will be able to record the extent of the injuries you received in your medical records. This evidence can be crucial to a personal injury claim.

The injury should be reported. The procedure you follow will depend on the place you were injured. If it was a public place you should report to the council. All workplace accidents must be recorded in an accident report book.

You should gather any evidence that could help you claim. This includes taking note of the full names and addresses of any people who witness the incident. Photographs of what caused the accident, such as broken paving stones, the spilt water or the unsuitable ladders, could strengthen your case.

How Much Can I Claim for slipping, tripping or falling?

The value of compensation that can be claimed for a slip, trip or fall will depend on various factors and can vary widely from case to case. The seriousness of the injury you received is central to your claim. A bone breakage could lead to a worker having to take a substantial length off of work. Some serious injuries may prevent the worker from ever being able to return to the type of work they did before the accident. In the most tragic cases, a bad fall can lead to paralysis or brain damage. The effects of a serious injury often go beyond a physical impairment and can have mental health consequences. If a person suffers depression or anxiety as a result of their injuries, this may be taken into consideration when the compensation is calculated.

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