Facial Injury Compensation & Sensory Damage Claims in Glasgow

Facial injuries will often also effect the senses, meaning potential for: blindness from an injury to the eyes, as well as deafness and loss of taste or smell. These injuries can have a devastating impact upon a person’s ability to enjoy life. Other common facial injuries include scarring, fractures and damage to teeth.

In addition to the pain, surgery and distress such an injury can cause, there may also be a significant cosmetic effect. If you’ve suffered in anyway from face injuries, contact our solicitors on 01414420616 for a free claim assesment.

How do Facial Injuries Compensation Awards get Calculated?

Every case will be different and will have a range of factors that contribute to calculating the amount of compensation that is due, such as: the severity of the face injuries, the level of pain experienced and the recovery time needed.

The following information has been gathered from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases 13th ed. These are guidelines that express an indication of the compensation levels that may be expected. These guidelines are designed for reference only so please contact our personal injury team to discuss the particulars of your case.

Compensation Awards for Injuries to Sensory Organs:

Blindness Compensation Amounts

  1. Total blindness and deafness – in the region of £307,000
  2. Total blindness – in the region of £204,250
  3. Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in other £73,000 – £136,700.
  4. If reduced vision in remaining eye £48,600 – £80,500
  5. Total loss of one eye £41,675 – £50,000
  6. Complete loss of sight in one eye £37,450 – £41,675
  7. Minor eye injury £3,000 – £6,650 
  8. Transient eye injuries £1,675 – £3,000

Deafness Compensation Levels

  1. Total deafness and loss of speech £83,325 – £107,000
  2. Total deafness £69,000 – £83,325
  3. Total hearing loss one ear £23,800 – £34,600
  4. Partial hearing loss/ tinnitus Up to £34,600

Taste and Smell Loss Claim Damages

  1. Total loss In region of £29,800
  2. Total loss of smell and significant taste loss £25,000 – £29,800
  3. Loss of smell £19,000 – £25,000
  4. Loss of taste £14,600 – £19,000

Facial Injuries Compensation Awards

Scarring Compensation for Females:

  1. Very severe scarring £36,800 – £74,000
  2. Less severe £23,000 – £36,800. In cases where there is a significant psychological reaction.
  3. Significant scarring £13,650 – £22,875. In cases where the worst effects have or will be reduced by cosmetic surgery.
  4. Less significant £3,000 – £10,450
  5. Trivial £1,300 – £2,675 

Scarring Damages for Males:

  1. Very severe scarring £22,625 – £50,000. If the person effected is under 30.
  2. Less severe £13,650 – £22,875
  3. Significant £6,925 – £13,650
  4. Less significant £3,000 – £6,925 
  5. Trivial £1,300 – £2,675 

Skeletal Facial Injuries Damages

  1. Le Fort fractures of frontal facial bones £18,100 – £27,925
  2. Multiple fractures of facial bones with some permanent deformity £11,300 – £18,200

Fracture of the Nose Compensation

  1. £8,100 – £17,575 If there are serious or multiple fractures requiring number of operations and/or permanent damage to airways and/or tear ducts and/or facial deformity.
  2. £3,000 – £3,875 Displaced fracture where recovery is complete only after surgery
  3. £1,925 – £2,400 Displaced fracture needing no more than manipulation
  4. £1,300 – £1,925 Simple undisplaced fracture with full recovery

Fracture of Cheekbones Awards

  1. £7,750 – £12,000 Where there is a serious fractures needing surgery but with long lasting consequences or some element of disfigurement
  2. £3,300 – £4,900 Simple fracture of cheekbones for which some reconstructive surgery is necessary but from which there is complete recovery with little or no cosmetic damage
  3. £1,775 – £2,275 Simple fracture of cheekbone for which no surgery is required and there is complete recovery

Fracture of Jaw Compensation Amounts

  1. £23,175 – £34,600 Very serious multiple fractures followed by prolonged treatment and permanent consequences including severe pain, restriction in eating, paraesthesia and/or risk of arthritis in joints
  2. £13,650 – £23,175 Serious fracture with permanent consequences such as difficulty opening mouth.
  3. (£4,900 – £6,650 Simple fracture requiring immobilisation but recovery is complete

Damage to the Teeth Compensation

  1. Significant damage to teeth – up to £29,000. In cases where there is significant chronic tooth pain, significant general deterioration in teeth.
  2. Loss of or serious damage to several front teeth £6,650 – £8,675
  3. Loss of or serious damage to two front teeth £3,300 – £5,800 
  4. Loss of or serious damage to one front tooth £1,675 – £3,000 
  5. Loss of or damage to back teeth. Per tooth: £830 – £1,300

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