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Glasgow Drivers Likely to be Involved in Car Accidents Abroad

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A new report has found that drivers from Glasgow are joint-first in being the most likely to be involved in a car accident when abroad.

A study, which questioned more than 1,500 drivers, found that drivers from Plymouth and Glasgow were the most likely to be involved in an accident abroad, with two-thirds of drivers from both cities struggling to deal with the loss of orientation.

As well as finding that Glasgow drivers were likely to cause road traffic accidents, the study also revealed that around half of drivers from Scotland’s largest city did not feel comfortable with the different road signs. The vast majority of all drivers from the UK admitted that they did not look up the Highway Code of the country they were visiting.

Study Findings Into Road Traffic Accidents Abroad

While some accidents were most likely to be caused by Glasgow drivers, 4 in every ten accidents were due to British drivers getting confused with driving on the right side of the road. 40% of road traffic accidents abroad being caused either by driving on the wrong side of the road, or taking the wrong lane.

Alarmingly, drivers aged between the age of 24-34 were the most likely to be involved in such accidents, with more than 50% admitting to being confused between the different sides of the roads to drive on.

Accident Abroad: Making a Personal Injury Claim

Although some UK drivers were responsible for their accident and injury according to the study, sadly, many drivers suffer injuries abroad through no fault of their own. Just because an accident occurs outside the UK does not mean that you cannot claim compensation.

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