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If you have suffered a personal injury that was not your fault, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve. The team at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow can offer our services on a No Win, No Fee* basis, giving you piece of mind when seeking legal help after an accident. Our personal injury solicitors not only help the people of Glasgow seek compensation, but also the care required to recover. Contact us today to begin your claim on 01418 465 957 – we’re here to help.

What Kinds of Personal Injuries Can We Help You With?

With so many types and causes of injury presenting a threat to our way of life, it is the duty of our team at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow to have the most in-depth knowledge to assist you however you have been hurt. We can help with all manner of injury, and our team will have a unique take on each circumstance to help you claim the maximum compensation available to you.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are one of the most dangerous forms of personal injury someone can suffer. Our team of Glasgow solicitors can help you claim the maximum compensation available if you or someone you love has experienced a head injury.

Brain Injury & Damage

A brain injury can lead to life-altering consequences for the injured and their family. Therefore, any form of brain injury is taken exceptionally seriously at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow. We can help those who have indirectly or directly suffered from an injury or permanent brain damage seek financial compensation to help them adjust to whatever reality they now face.

Face & Eye Injury

The ramifications of a face injury go beyond the pain and suffering, there are long-term circumstances that can reduce a person’s ability to enjoy life. Injuries to sensory organs like our eyes can remove our access to life. Facial scarring can lead to low self-esteem in a person, which can inhibit their ambitions further. If you have been impacted in any way by a face injury, our solicitors for Glasgow can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Back & Spinal Injury

Whilst not all back injuries are drastically life-altering, such as spinal injuries, even minor injuries and musculoskeletal disorders can cause a lifetime of pain. At Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow we help those who have suffered a back injury claim compensation for the original incident, as well as help them recover with access to physiotherapy or any other types of care they may need.

Neck Injuries

Any form of neck injury poses a great risk to a person’s physical health. Our solicitors aim to make sure that anyone in Glasgow injured through no fault of their own are rightly remunerated. We can also help with recovery by getting you access to all the necessary care you’ll need to get back on track.

Shoulder Injury

Fortunately, shoulder injuries are rarely life-threatening, but they can make life troublesome for people who are into fitness or require a degree of mobility for work. If an injury to your shoulder has hindered you in any way, contact us at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow to make a claim for compensation.

Chest Injuries

Damage to your chest could lead to a cascade of organ problems, especially where the heart and lungs are concerned. If you have been in an accident that you weren’t to blame for, and it caused a chest injury, contact our team at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow to start your compensation claim now.

Arm, Elbow, Hand & Finger Injury

If you have experienced an arm injury in Glasgow our personal injury solicitors can help you seek the damages, you deserve. Be it to your elbow, hand or fingers, any injury to the arms can leave you not only in pain, but with limited access to many conveniences we take for granted. Contact us if you are not at fault for your injury and want to make a claim for compensation.

Hip Injuries

You do not have to be elderly to suffer damage to your hip – which can drastically reduce your movement. Breaks, fractures, or even medical negligence are all types of hip injury we at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow can help you seek compensation for.

Leg, Knee, Foot & Ankle Injuries

Any form of leg injury can rid a person of their ability and mobility – restricting their access to work and leisure. Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow take all factors into account when calculating the compensation you deserve for your injury, be it to the knee, foot, or ankle. This way you are awarded damages not just for the injury, but the repercussions it will have on your quality of life. 

Internal Organ Damage

Suffering from organ damage is considerably painful and draining situation. It can leave you with conditions that can last a lifetime. If you have experienced such damage and you were not responsible for it, our team at Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow can get you the financial justice you deserve.


Paralysis in any form will rid someone of access to many activities and employment opportunities. Should you or someone you love experience an onset of paralysis that isn’t the paralysed person’s fault, our personal injury solicitors for Glasgow can help you seek the compensation necessary to make life as easy to deal with as possible.

Lung Disease

Whilst not strictly a personal injury, lung disease can be just as detrimental to a person’s quality of life as losing a leg. Lung diseases can often come about from working conditions, exposure to Asbestos which are quite often not that person’s fault. If you have developed a lung disease and want to seek compensation, our solicitors for Glasgow can help you claim on a no win, no fee basis*, often if the usually 3-year injury claim window has passed.

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Any personal injury has the scope to drastically offset the course of someone’s life. At Personal Injury Claim Lawyers Glasgow, we believe that everyone who has been injured who is not a fault deserves to receive the compensation and the care required to get their life back on track. If you have been injured in Glasgow, contact our team today on 01418 465 957 to start your recovery – we’re here to help.

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