Leg Injury Compensation – How Much Can I Claim?

A serious leg injury can have a huge impact upon your quality of life. The most serious accidents could result in leg amputation or permanent disability. There may be the need for prosthesis and returning to work may be difficult or impossible. Slips, trips and falls are some of the most commons ways of injuring a leg. Whether the injury was concentrated to the knee, ankle, foot or toes, we can help you claim compensation for the accident. Call now on 01418 465 957 to discuss your case.

How are awards for leg injury compensation calculated?

Compensation awards will depend on factors such as the severity of the injury, the level of disability, the impact on mobility, the success of prosthesis and the level of pain experienced. The psychological trauma and mental anguish resulting from the leg injury may also contribute to the compensation award. Less severe leg injuries include lacerations, bone breakages, knee fractures, serious flesh wounds and shortening of the leg.

The leg injury compensation figures listed here are based on information from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases 13th ed. These figures are used by legal professionals to estimate how much compensation may be awarded for a particular injury. Every case is unique so please contact our specialist team on 01418 465 957 for an accurate estimate of how much compensation you may be able to claim.

How Much Compensation for a Leg Injury?

Leg Amputation Compensation Awards

  1. Loss of both legs £183,000 – £214,350. Appropriate when at least one leg lost above knee.
  2. Below knee amputation of both legs £153,200 – £205,300. Depends on severity of phantom pains, success of prosthesis and any connected psychological problems.
  3. Above knee amputation both legs £79,700 – £104,500.
  4. Below knee amputation of one leg £74,475 – £101,075.

Severe Leg Injury Compensation Levels

  1. Most serious leg injury short of amputation £73,150 – £103,205.
  2. Very serious £41,675 – £64,275. Permanent mobility problems, need for crutches or mobility aids.
  3. Serious £29,800 – £41,675. Serious compound fractures or injuries to joints or ligament resulting in instability.
  4. Moderate £21,100 – £29,800. Includes complicated or multiple fractures or severe crushing.

Less Serious Leg Injuries Compensation

  1. Incomplete fracture recovery or serious soft tissue injury £13,650 – £21,100. Reasonable recovery, may be left with metal plate, limp or defective gait.
  2. Simple femur fracture with no damage to articular surfaces £6,925 – £10,700.
  3. Simple tibia fracture or fibula or soft tissue injury – Up to £9,000.

Sever Knee Injury Compensation

  1. £53,000 – £73,125 – disruption of knee join, development of osteoarthritis, gross ligament damage and considerable pain.
  2. £39,625 – £53,000 – leg fracture extending into knee joint causing pain that is constant, permanent, limiting movement or impairing agility.
  3. £19,900 – £33,000 Less severe than above.

Moderate Leg Injuries Damages

  1. £11,275 – £19,900 – injuries involving dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which results in minor instability, wasting, weakness or future disibility.
  2. Up to £10,450 – for less serious injuries than above.If recover is complete or almost complete, award is unlikely to exceed £4,650.

Ankle Injury Compensation

  1. Very severe £38,050 – £53,000. It is rare to fall in this bracket. Cases include extensive soft tissue damage resulting in deformity.
  2. Severe £23,800 – £38,500. Injuries necessitating lengthy treatment in plaster or pins and plates. There may also be residual disability and limited ability to walk.
  3. Moderate £10,450 – £20,200. Fractures, ligament tears and the like which give rise to less serious disabilities. May be risk of future osteoarthritis.
  4. Modest injuries – Up to £10,450. Less serious, minor or undisplaced fractures, sprains and ligament injuries.

Achilles Tendon Injury Damages

  1. Most serious – region of £29,200. Severance of the tendon and peroneus longus muscle giving rise to cramp, restricted ankle movement.
  2. Serious £19,000 – £22,875. When complete division of the tendon has been successfully repaired but there is residual weakness.
  3. Moderate £9,575 – £16,000. Cases involving partial rupture or significant injury to tendon. Depends on treatment, pain, disability and scarring.
  4. Minor £5,525 – £9,575.

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