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Merely 7% of Whiplash Claims Fraudulent

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A new study from Liverpool Victoria (LV) revealed last week that one million GP hours were wasted by fraudsters claiming for whiplash. The survey also revealed that premiums and other aspects of insurance suffered as a result of fraudulent whiplash claims. 

Despite the survey calling the UK the capital of whiplash, statistics from Labour’s Andy Slaughter showed that just 7% of the whiplash claims were actually fraudulent


In late 2013 the government introduced many reforms to try and clamp down on fraudulent claims involving drivers trying to seek compensation they were not entitled to through whiplash claims.

The success of said reforms has led to the government further introducing rules in claiming whiplash compensation. The government are planning to introduce the MedCo panel. From 1 April, anyone who wants to submit a whiplash compensation claim will have to get a medical report from a MedCo certified doctor.

The move comes after the LV report claimed that doctors see over 100,000 cases of fraudulent whiplash claims a month and that premiums were up as a result of illegal claims. Despite this, a recent study from the AA found that claims have in fact fallen.

Genuine Claims

We understand the difficulties and serious injuries that can arise as a result of whiplash. We believe that if you have a genuine claim you should be granted the compensation you deserve, regardless of the negative press that whiplash receives. 

A survey from the APIL of 4,000 people in 2012 found that only one in a hundred people suffered a whiplash injury in the previous year, and of those injured, 40% did not claim compensation. 

Furthermore, 90% of those who claimed to have whiplash had their claim confirmed by a doctor or medical professional. The survey found that for many of the victims of whiplash, recovery took over six months.

Whiplash Claims 

Whilst some in the mainstream media give whiplash claims a negative press, whiplash can cause serious discomfort, depression, stress and lead to lasting injuries. Furthermore whiplash can lead to a lack of employment, with many having to miss work as they recover.

Whiplash is caused by the neck jerking forward in an unexpected and uncontrolled movement, often through cars in rear-end collisions. Whilst many may belittle the injury, whiplash can take hours or days to first show symptoms and can be extremely painful. 

If you suffer from any whiplash injury or believe you have suffered from whiplash, we urge you to contact a medical professional. Whilst LV’s survey belittles the idea of making a claim, your own health and safety is paramount.

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