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UK Potholes Worse Than Ever As Fears Of Road Accidents Rise

Posted in: Pothole Injuries Road Traffic Accidents 

Official figures show that the number of potholes on UK roads are increasing, potentially leading to further accidents on UK roads and an increase in insurance claims on the road.

17% of Road Unfit

According to government figures, over 2,600 roads are in dire need of maintenance work due to extreme disrepair. In total, according to statistics from the Department for Transport 17% of roads in the UK require work carried out due to potholes or poor driving surfaces. 

In total 19,000 miles of road could potentially be put forward for maintenance work. 

Estimates from the Asphalt Industry Alliance estimate that Britain’s maintenance bill was around £12 billion road repair bill, a surge of £1.5 billion on the previous year, due to the extreme wet weather and difficult conditions of the previous winter.

Insurers have stated that they believe the rise in the number of potholes could not only increase injuries, but also increase the cost or road users to over £700 million. They also estimate that the rise in the number of potholes could cost local authorities up to £30 million pounds in compensation. 

Spending on Roads has Fallen

Spending on roads has fallen by over 20% since 2010 but the Government are set to increase a £15 billion increase in the next year. 

David Gerrans, the managing director of an insurance website, said:

“Axle and suspension damage is one of the most common causes of unwanted bills for vehicle owners.

“Analysis of our 50,000 live warranty policies shows the average cost of repairing the kind of damage typically caused by potholes is around £247.

“Local councils do what they can with the budgets they are given for road maintenance, but it tends to be temporary ‘patch and mend’ solutions, meaning that our roads are as bad as ever.

LGA Transport spokesman Councillor Peter Box said:

“It is also time to stop treating our strategic road network in isolation. Increasing motorway lanes and improving A-roads alone won’t ease congestion but will only speed up cars between growing delays and traffic jams on local roads.

“With the Government predicting a 43 per cent increase in local traffic by 2040, this will only get worse.

“It would now take councils more than a decade and £12 billion to bring our roads up to scratch.

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