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Trampoline Injuries Account for 50% of Injuries for Under 14s

Posted in: Personal Injury 

Families have been warned to take more precautions to eradicate trampoline injuries, which according to insurers accounts for 50% of injuries to under 14-year-olds.

According to Direct Line, trampoline injuries are now more common than children hurting themselves than climbing frames or climbing trees. Studies from insurance companies that claims ranged from £20,000 to £100,000.

Families have been warned that they could face significant bills if another child is injured on their trampoline with a number of families taking legal action if their child has been injured at a party or on a trampoline. With more and more families having garden trampolines, it could be argued that the risk of injury on a trampoline is at an all time high.

Dangers of Trampolines 

Following the rise of the number of after a trampoline injury, almost 60% of Brits did not realise that they could face legal action if someone is injured on their property. Many believed that having a net or some sort of protection was enough. However, a study found that even with a safety net, injuries were still common. While they eliminate some of the more serious injuries such as broken limbs, injuries can still occur as a result of horseplay as a result of no adult supervision or negligence on their part. 

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