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Rise in Number of Glasgow Road Traffic Accident Deaths

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Road deaths in Glasgow have risen dramatically with a fivefold increase in the number of incidents in the city in the last year. 

In 2013, four people were killed in the city; however 2014 saw 19 people lose their lives on Glasgow’s roads. Worryingly, the rise in the number of deaths on roads is not only in Glasgow but across Scotland with the latest statistics showing an increase from 172 fatalities to 200 over the same period across the rest of the country. 

The figures include the six people who lost their lives in the bin lorry crash in Glasgow’s George Square, with 13 single fatality accidents

Road Traffic Accidents

As well as the number of fatalities on the road in Glasgow and across Scotland, there was also a marked increase in the number of serious injuries in Glasgow up from 143 to 167. In total, there was a rise in the number of road accidents with the number growing from 1081 to 1564.

Across Scotland, there were 11,240 accidents a whopping increase from the 8981 in the previous year with a marked rise in the number of those seriously injured with the number rising from 1425 to 1694.

In Scotland, the 200 deaths included eight cyclists, 31 motorcyclists, 56 pedestrians and 93 people in cars. Transport Minister Derek Mackay urged all road users had to take more care. He said:

The increase in fatalities and the number of people seriously injured in road accidents in 2014 is disappointing. However, it also demonstrates the need for everyone of us to take responsibility when using the road network. The longer term downward trends and the annual decline in the total number of casualties, to the lowest level since records began, are encouraging but more can, and must, be done.

Some of the more recent interventions such as the landmark change in Scotland’s drink-drive legislation – which has seen us leading the way in the United Kingdom – will undoubtedly help prevent the tragic and unnecessary loss of lives on our roads. Other innovations such as the A9 average speed camera programme are already delivering benefits, and significant investment is improving safety for cyclists. We are also encouraging Councils to cut speed in towns and cities through our revised 20mph limit guidance. I am confident that these developments will have a positive impact going forward.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, it is imperative that you provide our solicitors with as much evidence as possible to build a strong claim. Our team will need to know details such as where, when and how the incident occurred as well as contact details of any witnesses or those involved in the accident.

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