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Child Road Deaths And Injuries Up By 3%

Posted in: Road Traffic Accidents Wrongful & Accidental Death 

The number of children killed and injured (KSI’s) on roads in the UK has risen for the first time in 20 years according to provisional figures from the government.

Statistics in September 2014 showed that the number of children involved in serious road traffic accidents has risen by 3% in comparison to the previous 12 months. 

Rose In Each Quarter

Worryingly, the figures, which were provided by the Ministry of Transport, showed that the number of injuries on the road were not due to one major incident, but grew in comparison to each quarter in the previous year. 

The rise in the number of deaths and serious injuries on the road is the first time the figures have risen in 20 years, with the statistics rising for the first time since 1995.

Growing Danger On The Roads

Figures showed that in general, British roads were more dangerous in 2014. In comparing statistics from the year ending September 2013 to the year ending September 2013, the total child casualties rose 6%, the number of deaths on the roads were 1,730, up 1% and KSIs were up 4%. 

The number of cyclists killed on the road in 2014 rose by 8% with the total number of motorcyclist casualties rising by 6%. 

Injuries were also more common in 2014, with slight injuries rising by 5%.

Still One Of Safest In The World

Transport minister Robert Goodwill said:

“Britain’s roads are still among the safest in the world and there are 40% fewer road deaths per year than a decade ago. 

“The number of casualties fell in this quarter [July to September 2014] compared to the same period in 2013. 

“There remains a significant long-term decline in casualties. We are determined to do more to reduce these figures, working with the police and other agencies”

Lack Of Safety?

Road safety campaigners and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) blamed a reduction in traffic police numbers and in road safety spending as possible factors for the increase in accidents. IAM said:

“These figures reflect our view that cuts in visible policing and road safety spending has had an impact.”

Other road groups such as the AA and the RAC also expressed worry regarding the latest figures. The RAC said it was “alarming to see that years of progress on road safety appears to have come to an abrupt halt

Despite the criticism the Department for Transport said: “It is too early to say at this stage if this marks the end of the long-term downward trend in child KSI casualties, or if it is as a result of short-term factors.

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