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Council Launch Project to Protect Clyde Tunnel Cyclists

Posted in: Bicycle Accidents 

Glasgow City Council has launched a £20,000 project to protect vulnerable road users of the Clyde Tunnel by installing a new anti-skid surface. 

The move comes following a marked rise in the number of cycling accidents on the route, with the new traffic in the tunnel rising due to the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. This in turn has resulted in an increase in the number of walkers and cyclists using the route.

Slips, Trips and Falls in Glasgow

Many have suffered a slip, trip or fall or been dismounted from their bike as a result of the conditions of the paths and the slippery surface seen on the roads, with a number of those suffering an accident being employees at the new hospital.

If you have been involved in an accident or suffered a slip, trip or fall then you will be able to make a compensation claim. Sadly, many of the accidents in the Clyde Tunnel have occurred as a result of poor road conditions and some experts have stated that the latest move by the Glasgow City Council may be in an attempt to eradicate a potential legal battle in the future. If the conditions remained the same, and the number of accidents continued to rise, the Council could have been deemed liable. A spokeswoman for the council said:

“Glasgow City Council is serious about putting a new anti-skid surface on the cycle path.”

“The main reason for doing this is that over the years the existing surface has worn off and, as the tunnel, in general, can be damp and cold, this can be problematic to speeding cyclists.

“The accidents were not a deciding factor in this action being taken. The works were always planned for this summer when our specialist thin surfacing contractor was on site, from July to September.”

“The 5mph signs are in place as a temporary measure until the works are completed thereafter an assessment will be done and appropriate speed limits put in place.”

Tricia Fort, Convener of GoBike, a campaign group for cyclists in the Strathclyde area, said more has to be done to improve the cycle path through the Clyde Tunnel. She said:

“First and foremost, a good surface is what we want, so the investment from Glasgow City Council is a good thing.

“A major improvement for cyclists and pedestrians who frequently use the tunnel would be a level and smooth surface which grips the bike’s tyres.

“Also, there’s no signage to any of the cycle path tunnels which I find to be very poor, but I believe the council will be remedying this following the opening of the new hospital.”

The news that there is to be an improvement to the current cycle paths has had a positive reaction from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) health board. Mark Dell of NHSGGC said:

“The number of NHSGGC staff using the tunnel to both walk and cycle to work has increased significantly on the back of the improvement works.”

“A number of staff have praised the improved lighting and security, and the further work to upgrade the anti-skid surface will be similarly welcomed.”

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