How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Foot or Toe Injury in Glasgow?

If you have suffered a toe or foot injury that was not your fault in the past three years, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. A foot or toe injury could be caused at work by a fall over boxed that had not been tidied away. Construction and industrial workers who lift and handle heavy items can be at risk of injury from these items dropping onto their feet. Toes can be also be crushed by heavy industrial machinery. At the top end of the compensation scale will be a severely debilitating injury resulting in an amputation.

The figures listed below have been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in PI Cases 13th ed. These also known as the “JSB Guidelines” and are designed to give the reader an idea of how much compensation may be expected in a personal injury case. The figures are very much intended as a guideline as every case will take a range of factors, such as severity of the injury, length of recovery, long-term prognosis, loss of earnings and more, into account.

Foot Injuries

Amputation of both feet £128,750 – £153,200

Amputation of one foot £63,825 – £83,325

Very severe foot injury £63,825 – £83,325 For a compensation award from this bracket, the injury must be permanent with severe pain experienced or a very serious permanent disability.

Severe foot injury £31,900 – £53,200

Heel Fractures

Serious £19,000 – £29,800

Less serious than above but leading to continued pain from traumatic arthritis or risk of future arthritis Moderate £10,450 – £19,000

Modest foot injury – Up to £10,450. Inculdes simple metatarsal fractures, ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds and the like.

Toe Injuries

Amputation of all toes £27,750 – £42,600. The amount awarded depends on whether amputation was traumatic or surgical and effects on mobility.

Amputation of great toe – in the region of £23,800

Severe toe injuries £10,450 – £16,000. This is the appropriate bracket for severe crush injuries leading to amputation of one or two toes. Also includes partial amputation.

Serious toe injury £7,300 – £10,450. Serious injuries to the great toe or crush and multiple fractures.

Moderate toe injuries – up to £7,300. Cases falling within this bracket are usually relatively straight forward fractures or exacerbation of original condition or lacerations to one or more toes. Only £4,250 or less would be awarded to straight forward crushing, fractures or soft tissue damage with more or less complete recovery.

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