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Three Quarters of Workers too Intimidated to Report a Health and Safety Issue

Posted in: Employer Negligence Workplace Injuries 

Protecting, the risk assessment company, have published research that shows that 74% of UK workers fear reporting poor health and safety in their work place. These employees fear that complaining about health and safety in their work place may single them out as being a problem employee and cost them their job or hinder promotion plans.

This concern for job security and proseperity means that many dangerous health and safety violations in factories, construction sites, shops and offices go unreported for too long, if at all.  

The survey by Protecting involved 1600 employees from various job backgrounds across the United Kingdom, the survey found:

  • 74% of employees surveyed would be too afraid to report a health and safety concern at work
  • 81% were too scared to report a health and safety problem if they believed it to be trivial. Things such as broken furniture or flooring being in disrepair.  
  • 53% of employees would not report a very serious fault such as faulty or broken machinery or electrical equiptment if it was in someone elses work area
  • 21% wouldn’t report a very serious health and safety concern – even if it was in their own work area. 

The main reasons cited for not reporting health and safety concerns were; fear of losing job, fear of missing out on a payrise, concern for being labeled a trouble maker and fear of losing promotion prospects.

However, health and safety is greatly important in the work place to avoid workplace accidents. There is an obligation on all employers and employees to ensure the safety of everyone in the work place and it is greatly concerning that these statistics show a climate of fear for protecting the health and wellbeing of co-workers.

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