How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Hand or Finger Injury in Glasgow?

A hand, wrist or finger injury can severely impede an affected person. It can become difficult to complete standard everyday tasks and work.

A common cause of these injuries is repetitive work place action such as typing. More serious injuries can be caused by faulty machinery that lacerates or crushes the fingers.

The figures listed here are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases 13th ed. and are intended for reference only. Many factors influence how much you can claim so contact us today.

Work-Related Upper Limb Conditions

Conditions in this bracket include: tenosynovitis, de quervains, stenosing tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel and epicondylitis.

When there is a continuing disability and loss of employment £16,650 – £17,575

Continuing but fluctuating and unilateral symptoms £11,300 – £12,425

Symptoms resolve in 3 years £6,575 – £8,175

Complete recovery in weeks or months £1,675 – £2,675

Wrist Injuries

Injury with complete loss of function £36,200 – £45,500

Significant permanent disability £18,625 – £29,800

Less severe with persisting pain £9,575 – £18,625

Complete recovery that takes longer – rarely exceeds £7,800

Uncomplicated Colles’ fracture – in the region of £5,650

Very minor necessitating only plaster or bandage £2,675 – £3,600

Hand Injuries

Total or effective loss of both hands £107,000 – £153,200. The top of bracket is applicable when no effective prosthesis can be used.

Serious damage to both hands £42,250 – £64,275. Where there is permanent cosmetic disability with significant loss of function.

Total or effective loss of one hand £73,100 – £83,325. This applies to hand crushed and later amputated. Top of bracket for dominant hand.

Amputation of index and middle and/or ring finger £47,050 – £69,000

Serious hand injury £22,050 – £47,050

Less serious £11,000 – £22,050

Moderate £4,100 – £10,100. E.g. crush injuries, soft tissue damage, penetrating wounds and deep lacerations.

Minor £700 – £3,300

Finger Injury

Severe fracture – Up to £27,925

Total loss of index finger – In the region of £14,250

Partial loss of index finger £9,250 – £14,250

Total loss of middle finger – In the region of £11,875

Serious injury to ring or middle finger £11,300 – £12,425

Loss of terminal phalanx of ring or middle finger £3,000 – £6,000 

Amputation of little finger £6,575 – £9,300 

Loss of part of little finger £3,000 – £4,450

Amputation of ring and little finger – In the region of £16,600

Amputation of terminal phalanges of index and middle fingers – In the region of £19,000

Fracture of one finger – Up to £3,600

Loss of thumb £27,000 – £41,675

Very serious thumb injury £14,900 – £26,600

Serious thumb injury £9,575 – £12,750

Moderate thumb £7,350 – £9,575 

Severe dislocation of thumb £3,000 – £5,150 

Minor thumb injury – Up to £3,000

Trivial thumb injury – Up to £1,675

Vibration White Finger and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Depends on age at onset, number of fingers affected, impairment, frequency and duration of episodes, effect of symptoms on work, social life

Most serious £24,050 – £29,200

Serious £12,750 – £24,050

Moderate £6,575 – £12,750

Minor £2,275 – £6,575

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