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Unfortunately, many employees suffer injuries as a result of workplace accidents. Any workplace holds the potential for a slip or fall, but employees working in areas such as steel mills, oil rigs, construction sites, power plants and factories are at much higher risk of being involved in a serious accident as a result of the dangerous nature of their jobs. Injuries which occur in these areas tend to be called ‘industrial injuries’.

Industrial accident claims can include the loss of a limb from heavy machinery, exposure to hazardous chemicals and falls on dangerous surfaces. Employees in this field may be injured whilst using defective working equipment or hurt whilst doing heavy lifting.

Other industrial diseases can develop over a longer period. These include contact dermatitis, Vibration White Finger, asthma, deafness, tinnitus and cancer. Industrial workers are also at risk of being exposed to asbestos and other dangerous materials which can have a long lasting catastrophic impact upon health and wellbeing.

Can I Make a Claim for an Industrial Injury?

All employers owe a duty of care to the people they employ. This means that employers must ensure that they provide a safe working environment and ensure that industrial employees are able to carry out their duties in safety.

Industrial workers are often issued with equipment which must be properly maintained. There may be a duty for the employer to supply safety equipment such as face masks and safety goggles to protect against dusty conditions.

Industrial sites will normally have many large and heavy pieces of industrial machinery. Employers must provide their workers with adequate and up-to-date training for the use of this machinery. Employers must ensure that machinery is safe to use by maintaining and servicing it.

If you have been involved in an industrial accident that was not your fault, then get in touch today to find out if you can make a claim. Claims must normally be made within three years of the injury, so please consider making your enquiry as soon as possible. Some conditions develop over several years of working in industry and it symptoms may not surface for some time. In these cases the three year time limit may be waived so contact us to find out if you can make a claim.

How Much Can I Claim?

The amount that you can claim will depend on many factors such as the severity of the injury, your age and the impact it has had upon your life and ability to work. Whilst employers are responsible for keeping their workers safe, their employees, in turn, have a responsibility to follow correct procedures and use equipment in the way they were trained to. This means that if you were injured whilst not wearing the safety equipment you were provided with, you may find the sum you can claim will take your own actions into account. Our expert personal injury solicitors can advise you all aspects of your claim.

You may find our compensation calculator helpful.

What Should I do if I am Involved in an Industrial Accident?

Your employer must record all workplace accidents. You should report any accidents you are involved in and any injuries you receive in the course of your duties. You should ensure that you attend any medical appointments your employers ask you to. You should provide a full report of your injuries to a doctor so that the severity can be assessed and evidence can be gathered to help support your claim. Other evidence such as photographs of the unsafe working environment or defective equipment could also be useful.

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